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SIGMA CHAPTER - North Carolina

Kinston/Lenoir County, North Carolina


webmaster@dkg-sigma.org           March 2022

Benefits and Privileges

Membership benefits include leadership training, scholarships, grants, insurance offerings, group discounts and networking opportunities through attendance at conferences and conventions. A juried professional journal, newsletter, and other publications are also provided to members. Members are empowered with new knowledge and professional development targeted towards reaching their full potential.

President:  WENDY PIRO - president@dkg-sigma.org

1st Vice President:  STEPHANIE RADFORD - 1stpresident@dkg-sigma.org

2nd Vice President:  ERIN DAWSON - 2ndpresident@dkg-sigma.org

Secretary:  PAULA BOLDT - secretary@dkg-sigma.org

Treasurer:  CARLA BATCHELOR - treasurer@dkg-sigma.org

Parliamentarian:  DR. MARY CAULEY - parliamentarian@dkg-sigma.org

2020-2022 SIGMA Officers

Sigma chapter

Membership in Sigma Chapter is by invitation. A member initiated becomes a member of Sigma Chapter, Eta State (the North Carolina Organization), and the International Society. Active members are women who are employed as professional educators at the time of their election or have retired from an educational position. An active member participates in the activities of the Society. Reserve membership is granted only to a member who is unable to participate fully in the activities of the Chapter because of physical disability and/or geographic location. Reserve status is granted by the Chapter, and a reserve member may be restored to active membership. An honorary member is a woman not eligible for active membership who has rendered notable service to education or to women and is elected to honorary membership in recognition of such service. As of the 2014-2016 biennium, Sigma Chapter has 79 active members, 3 reserve members, and  2 honorary members. This is a diverse group of educators from all levels of the public schools, independent schools, and the local college in the Kinston/Lenoir County area, which is organized as Region II of the state organization.

About the Society

The Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG or ΔΚΓ) Society International is a professional honor Society of women educators. The Society promotes professional and personal growth of its members and excellence in education. Established in 1929, DKG has attained major objectives in improving opportunities for qualified women employed at every level of education, as well as in advancing the status of women educators. To this end, the Purposes set forth by the Founders continue to embody the spirit of the Society. The Purposes have grown and changed over time, but continue to be as valid in today’s contemporary would as when first adopted. Membership is by invitation only and considered a prestigious honor with a variety of benefits and privileges. In 2014 the Society is more than 83,000 members strong, who reside in 17 countries and are impacting education worldwide.